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Kancho Bodh Narayan Yadav started his practise in his childhood at the age of 3 years. He joined IKO-Matsui Group of India branch for Kyokushin Kai – Kan Karate Style in the year 1982 as White Belt and took his Life Membership Card from the IKO-1 Honbu Japan-Tokyo signed by Sasai Masatasu Oyama in the year 1992. He appeared his first gradation test and achieved Blue Belt in 1994 (2nd October), again he appeared for double promotion of Green Belt on 6th August 1995 and achieved top position by getting Scores of more than 90% marks and obtained Green Belt after 10 Man Kumite (Non Stop – One by One) fighting. Similarly he achieved Brown Belt with High Score and fought with 15 men Kumite (One by One) in Excellent Way on 20th September 1996. After the Brown Belt he took a rigid determination of hard martial art training and Study Kyo Kushin Way after 4 years of Hard Martial Art Training he appeared for 1st Sho Dan Black Belt Gradation Test under the Branch Chief of India of IKO-Matshushima Group in the year 2000 and he became the Top Scorer of the year in India and by showing his wonderful Kyokushin Martial Art Skill in 20 Men Kumite (Non Stop One by One). He won the 1st Sho Dan Black Belt in Top Rank among more than 100 Black Belt Kyokushin Learner.

This was a greatest achievement of his life although he won Several District, National and International Championships and Gold Medals but the feeling of Black Belt achiever was the most wonderful experience of his life. He understood his responsibility of a Black Belt Master. He always followed the principles of the Sosai-Masatatsu Oyama.

He promised himself that he would take the next Dan Certificate only when he would think that he is eligible and a responsible Trainer of Kyokushin Karate he used to take challenges himself and met his destination. Thus after a hard training of Kyokushin Karate and continuous practise of Martial Art Way for 9 years, on 25th April 2009 he appeared for 2nd/Ni-Dan Black Belt Gradation Test and met the challenge of 50 push ups (Dentroid Exercise) with 50 kgs Dumble (Heavy Weight) before 100 of Examinee, Examiner and Audience. Maximum number of push ups were performed by other Examinee 17-18 but he was the only person who completed the task and met the challenge of 50 with 100 of clapping environment. He was such a Hard Worker Kyokushin learned that he scored the only highest Marks among all Black Belt Students and the excellent fighting skill he used in 20-30 Men Kumite and won his 2nd/Ni-Dan Black Belt under the Branch of Japan in Presidency of IKO-Matsushima in this way he became a popular Kyokushin Teacher of India and achieved all 3rd Dan, 4th Dan, 5th Dan one by one Black Belt and achieved the designation of Shihan Rank in India in the year 2010, 2012 and 2014 and honoured with Shihan Rank from Karate Association of India, affiliated with WKF, recognised by International Olympic Committee, and Govt. of India and then 6th Dan and 7th Dan Black Belt achieved in the consecutive year of 2015 and 2016, he shared his most memorable moment of his life and the excellent experience of Kyokushin Kai gradation test under guidance of the (European) IKKF Kancho-Teyub Azizove (9th Dan Black Belt – Kyokushin Kai) of Baku-Azerbaizan before starting the gradation test of 7th Dan Black Belt on 31st April 2016. He took commitment from Hanshi Bodh Narayan Yadav that he should promise to complete the task of 7th Dan gradation test from (White Belt to 7th Dan Black Belt) without considering in 70 men Kumite. The gradation test started at 8:00 a.m. and continued until 5:00 p.m. (non-stop) without food and water. As usual he met all challenges with his all Kyokushin skill dedicatedly and achieved 7th Dan Black Belt with appreciation word of IKKF Kancho for the grand success of Bodh Narayan Yadav. Thus in the year 2017 achieving his 8th Dan Kyokushin Karate Rank, he became a founder president of WKKF (World Kyokushin Karate Federations) Kancho with great philosophy of Masatatsu Oyama Sosai. Sosai – Mas Oyama is always in our practise heart and blood (Ouse) (OUS!) (OSU).

  • Day comes when a son feeds his father and lifts him in his lap by folding arms. So please don’t mislead people by saying how he became senior.

  • Everyone should teach their students like parent because these students are tomorrow’s future. Treat them like your own child.

  • Everyone should be bounded by their duties like Good Son for Father, Good Student for School, Good Mentor for his Organisation and Good Karateka for his Master.

  • Remember being Karateka you have to work for 1 Word, 1 World, 1 Sosai, 1 Kancho, and 1 Kyokushin. We are Kyokushin Family. No matter which organisation they belong to fight like a fighter and love like your family.

  • Give respect to all seniors, colleagues, juniors, and opponents because world is not possible without them.

  • Be water my friend because it can adopt any Environment and take shape of a glass to ocean.

  • We practise beside sea shore to learn the art from ocean, sky, and the only sun who perform their duties nonstop.

  • Feel for the poor, nations, worlds and your organisation like your parents.

  • May be Oyama philosopher but philosophy of life cannot be bounded by anything. It is huge, enormous and has power to change the world.