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We are the leading production house for Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood for all kinds of productions requirement.

We are in to Event Management & Models Co-Ordinators/ Event Organisors
*We have worked in Block Buster Tamil Movie “aadvan” Hero-Surya,vilen-Rahul dev,Sheyaji sindhe co-artist my Gym boys and junior Artist etc

* worked in Recent Bengali movie in Rose Vally Production “Hang Out” Hero-Prosenjit Director-Prabhat Ray and co-Artist my Models and junior Artist etc

*Worked in Hit Bengali Movie “Manik”Hero-Jit Ganguly,Director-Prabhat Ray,My Co-Artist and Dancers etc…….

*We have worked for Branded Shows in Kolkata,Mumbai,Bangalore and Singapore……

Our main focus :


  • Actors (Male and Female)

  • Models (Indian and Foreign)

  • Girls for Promotions and as Hostess (Indian & Foreign)

  • Anchors/ Host / Emcee

  • Character Artist (Kids, Aunty’s and Uncle’s artist)

  • Dancers (Indian and Foreign)

  • Comedians

  • Photographers

  • Make up artist

  • Fashion and Dance Choreographers

  • Designer and Stylist

  • Personal PR and Celebrity PR 13) Artist and Celebrities for various occasion.

Coordination Services:

  • Print Ads

  • Television Commercials

  • Ramp Shows

  • Serials

  • Movies

  • Music Videos

  • Stage/Dance Shows (In India and Abroad)

  • Beauty Pageant

We also give portfolio services for upcoming models or any person who is interested in getting a portfolio done.
If you think you fit the bill to go for the kill in this industry .. get back to me .. email me YOUR FOLIO with All Your Details ..
This is for those who want to make thier carrier In Film Industries/ Tv Serials/Modellings/Fashions Shows/Singer/Actor- Actress/etc.or looking for a change in difffrent field..
mail your up dated Profile With your resent Photo in …………….
The Search is One … Are you a looking Model Co Ordinator ?
” Models Hunt ” works closely with Top casting and Marketing agencies to provide our Models with Opportunities to work in TV, Films, Events and Promotional campaigns.
“Models Hunt” is on constant look out for talent that has potential and are interested in Modeling, Acting, Ramp shows, Music videos, films and other projects.( not necessary as full time )
Many of our models are in Colleges, University and corporate offices and use modeling as a fun and lucrative holiday job, while others turn into a full time career.

At “Models Hunt” part of the success of this division is due to us putting the care, safely and happiness of our models first, in what is a high profile and fast moving business. We will invite you to our office to see how it works and we will show you example of work our models do.
If you are interested in becoming a Model or an Actor mail your pics at :bodh4u@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you soon. If you don’t have a portfolio mail us your recent pictures taken to give us an idea how you look. Please include information regarding your age, measurements, location and best way to contact you.

Please note that if you don’t fit any requirements we also have a development programme to work with your potential
Mail id:bodh4u@gmail.com and akshay.akshay.kumar868@gmail.com
For Our Valueble Clients
Required Actor- Actress.models, Singers, Dancers, Event Organisors, Orchetra Bands/ Birthday Party/Marrige Parties/Get to Gether Functions etc
Contact us and you thnx us later


The technique and method which I have developed over the year of teaching its showing results now. Formerly students couldn’t get the moves and the steps immediately, it would take months for them to learn and develop their movements. Now after several years of research on teaching methods I developed a disciplined way of instruction and amplification a step design which is showing instantaneous grades and the students could do the moves exactly the way I wanted it. It would get very frustrating if the students couldn’t deliver the routine. There is bigger hitch when a new comer would join the same class and he/she would get lost in the class. It becomes very essential for a teacher not to over look that student but become more engage with him/her, keeping each one in mind.
Well, I feel very glad when I see my students deliver my dance-routine the precise way I hunted it.
The primary objective of this course is to tap the underlying talents in my students, to bring out the utmost in their dancing acting and modelling skills. There are a lot of students who possess tremendous amount of potential in them, just waiting to be garnered by the likes of the course. The sole objective is to make proficient dancers out of the students! What we lack here is a proper system of dance education; the lacklustre attitude of the people towards the art of dancing is to be changed drastically. The persons who have an aptitude and a yearning for this art are shunning from it just because of the dearth of proper facilities and an incompetent educative system.There happens to be absolutely no dearth of dancers in our circuit, but what I intend to do is to create a methodical system purely and solely based on technique and train and groom them in such a manner that they are eligible to perform professionally.
Things were exceptionally different at the time when I had started dancing professionally; there was no appropriate educative system. Things seemed to be extremely difficult and there was a prolonged struggling period involved. The deficiency of a system and the lack of awareness among the people posed as a major problem for dancers and performers like me. But slowly and gradually, people have become more aware of this art and its various nuances. It is now an appreciable and upcoming entity.
The most important problem lies in the fact that cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai have reached dizzying heights in the context of this art, whereas Kolkata remained far behind due to the shortage of awareness and exposure to ‘Dance’. Awareness is much essential in our society. We belong to the 21st century in which the world had become much fast-paced and broad-minded and so dance has now become an important and well-accepted entity. Earlier, people weren’t as keen to creative and performing arts such as dancing, but now this problem seems to be ebbing and Kolkata also seems to be catching up on the dancing front! But now people have been accepting dance as a profession with open arms, as it has also become one of the most respected and well-paid professions in today’s world. This had brought about quite a revolution in the society and has stirred the minds of the people belonging to myriad sections of society. We have been able to overcome this problem majorly and personally, I have also been quite a success in this forthcoming field. This realization struck me well and this is when I decided to come up with this programme. I have been able to gather quite a lot of material wit h the help of associate teachers in abroad that may be required for this intensive programme and wish to make this dream of mine true. The shaping and moulding of this programme was not an easy task, but I have been successful at this mammoth task with help pouring in from my various friends and associates living abroad, people who are a whopping success in their styles of dancing. They are dance teachers who have been able to reach the zenith of their careers through sheer hard work and perseverance. I have teamed up with the likes of such massively talented dancers, performers and artistes and have brought about a complete revolution in terms of dancing. We have been endowed with immense help for this programme. Their expertise and guidance will ensure to reach the pinnacle of success as their teaching will be essentially technique-based.
The mentors associated with our intensive programme are dancers and performers who bear their allegiance to some of the most premier Universities abroad. Some of the teachers’ profiles have been enclosed with this prospectus. They all come from diverse backgrounds and are trained in the various styles of this art, they intend to impart their invaluable knowledge to the best of their abilities and be of great assistance to this course. They are the most significant and prominent part of the programme and will be mentoring and grooming the students with their adeptness and their knack of their subjects. The various styles of dance to be taught here are Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Latin, Ballroom, Street–Jazz, etc in various courses. The students will undergo rigorous training methods which will ensure in being a stepping stone in their career in dancing. The hidden talent among the students need to be brought out in front of the society at large and needs great polishing so as to ensure pure and healthy entertainment. This course is the perfect and the most precise way to bring out the best in dancers!
I also have a dance school which goes by the name “Jhanjar”. I had undergone training under a range of international Choreographers/Teachers and has also undergone workshops under various choreographers. I have also collaborated with one of the biggest Dance,Acting&Modelling schools in India.

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