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WBBC thanks you for the keen interest you have shown to become a member of the World Karate Blackbelt Council. Before you go through the details of innovative concept, we would like you know the promoters of this concept. This unmatched and unbeatable concept is promoted by WB president Kancho Bodh Narayan Yadav. Founded officially in the 2016-17.By the International Technical Director WUKF Kancho Bodhi Narayan Yadav and its Associates. The council is well backed by experienced professionals with keen understanding of Martial Arts worldwide.

Having been opened to the public for the first time in 2017 worldwide, to keep up the growing demands of Martial Arts, the WKBC expanded at a rapid pace worldwide. In the benefits of being a WKBC member is infinite. But to include in its covetous folds one has to meet the string eligibility criteria. This will not only help us to set exclusive standards for each member but also to maintain the existing ones.

Black Belts are meant to be worn for a lifetime. They signify both an important accomplishment and a permanent commitment the enriching life through Martial Art training. Certificates document and values the endless hours of training time devoted to accomplish rank. They should be displayed proudly in the home of and training areas.

Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature external and internal. Do this either by work or worspaychic control or philosophy by one or more, or all these and be free.

To commemorate the earning of the Black Belt WKBC presents worldwide recognised 18”x12 colour certificates, perfect for framing or lamination. Each certificate is personalised in both English and oriental Japanese characters with the name, animal, nickname, title, the Rank and the style of each member upon issue recorded in World Headquarters. In addition to the certificates the WKBC provides each member with an identification card, custom designed WKBC emblem (chest patch) and a WKBC Lapel pin to be displayed proudly on street clothing. WKBC members may record their Tournament achievements by Tournament Champion Bureau also taking care of Business quickly through “Faith”, “Spirit”, “Discipline” and “Endurance”.

WKBC members may special order a custom designed 100% cotton extra wide Black Belt issued by the Bureau and have this belt embroidered with the Black Belt’s name, animal, nickname or title, the style or Association (and / or WKBC), both in English and in oriental characters. Total four lines of embroidery – we translate to oriental characters at no extra charge. The belts are 6 cm wide and are available in sizes 3 to 7. Members have the option to purchase a WKBC belt patch, specially designed to fit on the 6 cm wide belt, usually worn on the right hip. But official Black Belt will be automatically issued after becoming a Delux member of WKBC, which means the spirit of the way of Honor will remain forever because it is passed on as tradition. Our goal is quality education and unification of martial art practitioners, with Free Dan Testing opportunity! The decision to invest your time, energy and money in preparing for a new career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It can offer you the chance to qualify for the job… more money, more prestige and a better life.

If you’ve been in martial arts for any length of time you’ve probably come across more than your share of “masters”; people making grand, and usually false, claims about their ability of martial lineage to take advantage of the general public. Most rely on the ignorance of the average person to peddle their martial arts wares. They make use of the mystery surrounding the arts to overawe, and hopefully, overwhelm the prospective martial arts as student. Most are relatively harmless. The new student shells out his hard-earned cash for a few months until he realizes that he is not getting his money’s worth. Then he leaves, usually with a bad taste in his mouth and very little good to say about the martial arts in general. The would-be martial artist is then faced with a sizeable dilemma : With so many so-called “masters” out there, each making claims more impressive than the next, how you know that your master is for real? Unfortunately, there usually is no easy answer, for there myriad martial art systems and styles, each with its own history. However, in the case of martial arts, WKBC, finding an answer to this question is relatively easy if one is armed with a few facts.

The WKBC formed to be a formidable group of people with diverse interests all over the world, aims at helping group members to support and interact with each other for mutual convenience and benefit. The advantages of being a member are multifold. The WKBC is comprised of Martial Artists from all ranks, styles, systems and association distributing UNITY IN DIVERSITY is our humble way of acknowledging our deep gratitude, love and devotion to Martial Arts. And to spread the message of the Absolute Truth, it is required that members adhere to the basic martial arts philosophy of Honour, Dignity and Respect.