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WORLD UNITED KARATE-DO FEDERATION (WUKF), Established on the year 2016 by the IKO Member Bodh Narayan Yadav as a Founder President of the organisation with alternative of unification of all sports karate general, traditional and contact etc into a single organisation for Olympic movement of Tokyo2020.WUKF is a non-profit International organisation which consists of Lifetime Chairman Prof. Alanfoster, President – Kancho Bodh Narayan Yadav and Secretary Dr. Ahmad Alhasani.

Several countries and various Karate styles have been included as members in this organisation like England, India, Germany, Spain, Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. of other Martial Arts like Kyokushin, Shotokan, Kempo, Budo Kan etc. on the 1st International Karate Championship 2017. All the Karate Styles participated in the Grand International Championship and Training Seminar at Digha Sea Beach, West Bengal, India which was organised by WUKF (The World United Karate-do Federation) in association with WKKF (The World Kyokushin Karate Federation).