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WORLD UNITED KARATE-DO FEDERATION (WUKF), Established on the year 2016 by the IKO Member Bodh Narayan Yadav as a Founder President of the organisation with alternative of unification of all sports karate general, traditional and contact etc into a single organisation for Olympic movement of Tokyo2020.WUKF is a non-profit International organisation which consists of Lifetime Chairman Prof. Alanfoster, President – Kancho Bodh Narayan Yadav and Secretary Dr. Ahmad Alhasani.

Several countries and various Karate styles have been included as members in this organisation like England, India, Germany, Spain, Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. of other Martial Arts like Kyokushin, Shotokan, Kempo, Budo Kan etc. on the 1st International Karate Championship 2017. All the Karate Styles participated in the Grand International Championship and Training Seminar at Digha Sea Beach, West Bengal, India which was organised by WUKF (The World United Karate-do Federation) in association with WKKF (The World Kyokushin Karate Federation).

By Laws

1. The amateur association named “World United Karate-do Federation (hereinafter referred to as “WUKF”), pursuant to Article18 of the Indian Constitution is founded by the Founder Members and by the Sports Federations / Associations / Affiliate Organisations / Institutions (hereinafter referred to as “Associations”) which dedicate their activity to Karate, in compliance with the regulations of this Statute and the consequent regulations.

2. WUKF’s domicile address is in 198, N.S. Road, Malancha, Kolkata-700145 The Directing Committee may resolve to move the Headquarters to other nations by submitting the resolution to be ratified by the General Meeting.

3. The purposes for which WUKF is founded are to promote and regulate karate at an educational, ethical and sports level, to ensure and to contribute to the education and to consolidate the psycho-physical integrity of the associates: consequently, WUKF shall engage in all the appropriate activities and initiatives to achieve the foregoing purposes. In particular. WUKF proposes to:

(a) Promote, disseminate and organise the karate discipline, rendering available access thereto and practice thereof to all social groups with educational, cultural, recreational and sports objectives.

(b) To support, coordinate and facilitate the formation and development of federations and associations, by favouring and safeguarding the implementation and practice of karate related to the technical and organisational aspects and understood to entail improving the quality of life through self-control, physical, ethical and intellectual well-being.  Read More…

Rules of Karate Competition

All competing athletes and referees have to decide which Kumite system they wish to participate in: Shobu Ippon ; Shobu Sanbon or both. These two different codes will be kept separate.

Participation is allowed in Shobu Ippon and Shobu Sanbon, under the following conditions: Competitors that participate in the INDIVIDUAL category Shobu Sanbon, cannot participate in Shobu Ippon INDIVIDUAL category, but can participate in the TEAM category of Shobu IPPON, and vice versa. Read More…

Rules of Kata Match

ARTICLE 1: Types of Match
1) The types of Match shall be as follows:
a) Individual Match.
b) Team Match.

2) The system of Individual Match

and Team Match shall be the following:
Point system: points shall be awarded to each participant and/or team separately and the winner will be the one with the highest total score.

3) The number of persons comprising a team shall be 3 + 1 reserve.

4) The system may be changed by the WUKF ExBo (i.e. Flag system). Read More